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PAPILLON’s Success in Biometrics at Milipol-2007 Show (Paris, France)

Our fingerprint identification solutions have been rated very high by professionals from all over the world.

In October 2007, the PAPILLON Company took part in the 15th International Exhibition of State Internal Security MILIPOL-2007, Paris, which traditionally groups the most competent experts, participants and guests from many countries together. PAPILLON’s products were exhibited and demonstrated within the united Russian exposition organized by the ROSOBORONEXPORT State Corporation.

The exposition stand of PAPILLON introduced the following products:
– PAPILLON AFIS Automated Fingerprint&Palmprint Identification System
– PAPILLON LIVE-SCANNER System for Electronic Fingerprinting
– PAPILLON FILTER System for Online Identity Checking by a Touch-Print against AFIS databases

The attendees of the Russian exposition were offered a wide range of fingerprint and palmprint scanners manufactured by PAPILLON, which were
designed for capturing rolled and plain fingerprints, and palmprints to be used in an AFIS and other systems where fingerprint and/or palmprint identification is needed.

PAPILLON’s decision to participate in the Expo was taken reasoning from real estimation of the attained level of performance fairly proved by the efficient deployment of the PAPILON hardware and software in practice of law-enforcement bodies of Russia and other countries.

Started in 2002, the full-scale automation of fingerprint records amassed in the law-enforcement agencies of Russia is now coming to its completion. This task became feasible owing to the PAPILLON technologies and solutions. As a result, a multilevel interrelated network of automated operational data banks covering all regions of the country has been created.

The products of PAPILLON are now in demand not only by the Ministry of the Interior, but also by other law-enforcement bodies such as the Federal Migration Service, the Ministry of Defence and the Federal Drug Control Service.

The PAPILLON AFIS was chosen for nationwide projects by national police of Kazakhstan, Albania and Nigeria.

Taken into account high interest to automatic methods of biometric identification to be applied in various security systems, we had perfect confidence that proficient experts would estimate the PAPILLON solutions at their true value, since they can provide complete and adequate implementation of automated fingerprint and palmprint identification of any level and scale which was many times proved in practice.

Though the interest to our products was predictable, our success was no less agreeable.

Participating in the show Ivan B. Shapshal, Deputy Director General of PAPILLON ZAO, said, “All four days of the exhibition were full of active, live communication with specialists who realize the importance and comprehend the problems of automatic fingerprint-palmprint identification.” Our exposition stand was attended by representatives practically of all continents: Europe, North, Central and South Americas, Asia and Africa.

All attendees can be relatively divided into three groups:
– Forensic experts and law enforcement officers operating with AFISs and systems of electronic fingerprinting
– Representatives of firms engaged in procurement and delivery of equipment for biometric systems
– Representatives of engineering companies engaged in developing software and designing hardware for fingerprint identification systems

In the judgment of the absolute majority of specialists, the exhibited systems are the best of those they have ever seen in this class of electronic equipment.

The experts and developers were highly impressed with the PAPILLON AFIS capabilities to operate with palmprints, and they were surprised at the fact that the AFISs dealing with palmprint identification have been installed in Russia for 10 years already, since 1998. In this connection, it should be mentioned that our enterprise was the first who demonstrated an AFIS capable of operating with palmprints in the MILIPOL Show in 1997. Now, 10 years later, our technologies proved to have a success.

Special emphasis was put on the PAPILLON LIVESCANNER system and fingerprint and palmprint live-scan devices enabling the capture of all kinds of images – rolls, slaps, touch-prints, palmprints and so-called writer’s palm images. All guests who tested the LIVESCANNER system noted its evident benefits and advantages in comparison with similar systems of other manufacturers, such as:

– High quality of fingerprint and palmprint scanning
– Ease of operation and ease of positioning fingers and palms on the scanner platen, automatic start of the scanning process (with pressing no keys or pedals)
– High speed of scanning

Those specialists who are aware of weak points of electronic fingerprinting gave PAPILLON’s developers their due: they have managed to solve the problems of
capturing images of wet and dry fingers, program compensation of smears at rolling, program splicing of images.

Considerable part of the attendees spoke about their intentions to further acquaint with the exhibited systems and other products manufactured by PAPILLON, to test and to receive them for trial operation as well as to start working partnership in the sphere of high end technologies.

During discussions, some construction practical ideas were taken into consideration to introduce some advanced options that will allow our systems to be completely compatible with foreign projects of biometric identification (for instance, passport projects in many countries).

We should like to acknowledge our gratitude to ROSOBORONEXPORT for their offer to participate in the exhibition within the united Russian exposition, for their assistance in preliminaries and high-performance operation.

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Quoted from the interview with Iskandar Galimov to the Gazeta newspaper

PAPILLON’s Success in Biometrics at Milipol-2007 Show (Paris, France)

Central Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Tender for Provision of Fingerprint Scanners

Gold Medal

Certification of ARSENAL for compliance with requirements specified by the Central Board of Expert-Criminalistic Center of ...

XI International Conference "Informatization and Information Safety of Law Enforcement" 2002


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