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Implemented Projects
PAPILLON AFIS in Russia PAPILLON AFIS Worldwide Installations


Targeted Automation of Regional Fingerprint Collections (Ministry of Interior of Russia)
Period Projects Sites put into operation Database capacity
1997-2002 Regional AFISs 12  500,000 to 2,600,000
Full Automation of Fingerprint Collection (Ministry of Interior of Russia)

Federal AFIS-MIC at the Main Information and Analysis Center, MOI of Russia

1 35,000,000

All paper tenprints available on files in the MOI divisions throughout Russia have beenc onverted to electronic AFIS databases.

AFIS databases of all levels comprises tenprint collections of voluntary and obligatory fingerprint enrollment under the State Fingerprint Registration Law of the Russian Federation.

AFIS databases were created with PAPILLON's 'bulk'  input technology within the shortest time limit during the system engineering and implementation.

Cumulatively, entered into AFIS databases were 76,000,000 tenprint cards and 3,500,000 latents.

Interregional AFISs
(in Federal Districts of Russia))

10 3,000,000 to 10,000,000
Regional AFISs 70 150,000 to 3,000,000
Remote AFIS Sites 856 30,000
Integrated System of Automated Fingerprint Collections of Law Enforcement Agencies of Russia (AFIS-MVD)
2008-2013 Federal AFIS-MVD 1 50,000,000

Federal AFIS-MVD enables automatic matching for all tenprints and latents related to serious and particularly serious crimes.

Express ID Check Modules incorporated in Federal AFIS-MVD, 10 Interregional and 70 Regional AFISs


Express Identity Check modules handle interrogation incoming from remote terminals through communication channels.

Throughput performance (ID check requests per hour):

  • Federal AFIS-MVD – 1340
  • Interregional AFISs – 140-340
  • Regional AFISs – 80-130.

Remote Stations for Electronic Fingerprinting and Express ID Checks PAPILLON MDS


AFIS network make it possible to widely and efficiently use advanced technologies of electronic fingerprinting and instant identity verification.

Remote AFIS Sites 300 30,000


PAPILLON AFIS Worldwide Installations

PAPILLON AFIS systems are in operation in Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam, Cuba, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Republic of Srpska, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Montenegro.

Among major projects are:

Country Period Project Database capacity
Albania 2002-2007

AFIS for the needs of Police

2016 MDS 45c Stations 23 stations
Bangladesh AFIS for the needs of Police 500,000


AFIS for Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan


AFIS for Committee for Legal Statistics and Special Accounts at the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Mongolia 2007-2008 AFIS for the needs of Police 1,000,000
Nigeria 2006-2008 AFIS for the needs of Police 500,000
Serbia 2012

AFIS for spot verification of newer generation ID papers of the Republic of Serbia


Operates with 222 mobile biometric ID terminals (PAPILLON DPP-4.5M and PAPILLON DPP-4.5) used for instant identification against Central AFIS database and for spot verification of ID papers submitted by subjects at crossing the border.

Turkey 2013-2014

EGM APFIS for Main Directorate for Security Service of Turkey


Includes 1,000 remote AFIS stations and 1,200 enrollment stations equipped with fingerprint livescan devices running under PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER software.

Since 2015, the design works are underway to increase the database capacity up to 80,000,000 tenprint records, 4,500,000 latent fingerprints and 150,000 latent palmprints, and to expand the network up to 2,000 enrollment stations.


OPTES APFIS for the Gendarmerie of Turkey


Includes 46 remote AFIS stations and 16 mobile workstations for fingerprint enrollment.

Uzbekistan 2010 AFIS for the needs of Police 27,000,000

Fingerprint Modules for Multibiometric Passport System of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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