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Access, Time and Attendance Control System
(Guard Windows Interface)

PAPILLON GWI is a scalable system especially designed as a comprehensive solution for arranging and providing physical access control and for registering labor hours at an enterprise of any level.

The system offers a full package of measures for end-to-end solution of quite a number of tasks:

  1. Controlling admittance (going or driving through) to enterprise premises and deterring unauthorized access.
  2. Controlling the staff motion throughout the premises and when crossing the premises boundary.
  3. Controlling and restricting access to security rooms, areas and lifeline facilities according to an access schedule and permissions assigned to every employee.
  4. Monitoring the whereabouts of employees on the company or factory premises in real-time.
  5. Keeping records of employees’ labor hours and revealing facts of disrupting their executive schedule

The system enables creation and maintenance of an electronic database of the staff registered by divisions or departments and that of nonemployees who are admitted to the premises as well. 

In addition to complete information on every staff member (portrait, name, position/job, department, access permissions, executive schedule), his personal identifier is also registered and stored in the database. As a personal identifier, PAPILLON GWI can use any of the following:

  • Unique identification code (ID code) assigned to the employee when he is being enrolled in the database and stored on a proximity (contactless) smart card
  • Biometrics
      – iris image

Surveillance System

PAPILLON VIDEO Surveillance System is designed for visual control of the covered by the system territory and automatic data collection and easy maintenance of video archives. The system allows the live video of shot information in real time.

PAPILLON VIDEO ensures reliable protection of the area under surveillance, thereby preventing thefts of material values and averting the staff from committing ill-intentioned deeds.

PAPILLON VIDEO can be easily integrated into the system of access, time and attendance control PAPILLON GWI to provide auxiliary monitoring of motions of the staff and vehicles over the in-plant territory.

High-resolution IP Video Camera

PAPILLON-VSS1 IP video camera is originally designed by PAPILLON ZAO for various surveillance applications.

Major advantages of IP cameras used for video surveillance:

  • Transmission of video signal via Ethernet considerably simplifies the cable component of the system and effects a saving of expenditures in installing.
  • Video signal at digital transmission is nonsusceptible to any noise.
  • The use of IP protocol enables remote users simultaneously to access video information, thereby providing a possibility of creating large distributed systems.

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