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PAPILLON DPP-7 Handheld Biometric ID Terminal



Ergonomically designed, this compact rugged unit incorporates a fingerprint sensor and a contact smartcard reader and is connected to the SONY XPERIA Z1 smartphone with a rotation gear.

PAPILLON DPP-7 is fully compliant and FBI-certified to meet the NGIS IQS EBTS Appendix F Mobile ID FAP 10 (2016) requirements.


  • Remote instant check of personal identity against the Central AFIS database
  • Local watchlist search in offline mode against onboard database of up to 60,000 subjects recorded on microSD card
  • Operation with passport and visa documents compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 standard requirements::
    • recognition and reading of up to 3 lines of machine-readable zone (MRZ)
    • reading of data, including fingerprint information, stored on contactless chips
  • Operation with contact smart cards compliant with ISO/IEC 7816 standard requirements:
    • reading of data, including fingerprint information, stored on the chip
    • verification of the card holder by a single flat fingerprint and/or facial image displayed on the screen
  • Taking mugshot (ISO/IEC 19794-5.2005 compliant photos) and SMT photos
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (W H D), mm
80 45 180

Weight, kg

< 0.7
Communication GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth
Fingerprint scanner:

resolution, ppi
dynamic range, grey shades
image acquisition area, mm
scanning and image processing time, sec

20 20
< 8
LCD touchscreen display resolution, pixels 1920 x 1080 (screen of the smartphone)

Camera with autofocusing, megapixels

20.7 (camera of the smartphone)
Rechargeable battery, type Li-Ion
Autonomy in operation mode, hours 12
Contact smartcard reader ISO/IEC 7816
Contactless smartcard reader ISO 14443 Type A/B
MRZ reader Yes
Local database (watchlist), tenprints 60,000
Search time against local database, sec
Protection standard (IP Code) IP54


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